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How to Compost Properly in Singapore

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

In warm and humid climates (like in sunny Singapore), we think that composting can be quite a putrid affair. The stench of rotting food comes to mind but composting, when done right, is not supposed to smell!

Composting is a great way to make plant fertilisers, which is a key component in organic farming. An aerobic process of organic matter decomposition, it is environmentally-friendly and easy on your wallet!

What can we compost?

Equalise the greens and browns!

How do I compost?

  • In a high-quality compost bin, line the bottom with dry leaves and other carbon-rich browns.

  • Fill the bin a quarter full with soil

  • Alternate layers of carbon-rich browns and nitrogen-rich greens

  • Top it off with soil to keep the pests away

  • Check back once a week

  • Stir your compost once every 3-5 weeks over a period of 3-6 months

Pistachio Tips

  1. Do not toss cooked food in your compost bin. Always dispose of raw and uncooked food.

  2. Size matters! Cut it up and keep it small to expedite the decomposition.

  3. Keep your greens and browns 50-50 in proportion to prevent having household pests and foul odours.

Our Top 3 Favourite Compost Bins for Beginners

Although there’s trial and error involved, you will be able to get the right balance of composting! Good luck and share photos of what your compost bin looks like on our instagram.

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