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“Help! I keep killing my house plants.” | Beginner’s Guide to Being a Plant Parent

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Adding greenery to your home space can add a rejuvenating touch. If you have been having bad luck growing indoor plants or been dubbed as a ‘houseplant killer’, we hope that these can help you find out why!

Before you go on a green plant spree, find out what sort of plants would suit your lifestyle best. Before you embark on plant parenthood, think about how much commitment you can offer to your plants!

If you travel a lot and wish to come home to a green sanctuary, get plants that are drought-resistant in nature. You may also want to think about getting an automated irrigation system that would water your plants while you’re on the go. This would eliminate the cause of death: too little water given to plants.

Homebodies, you like to potter around and give some TLC to your sapling babies. Chances are, you love to prune and water in between your WFH meetings. Giving your plants lots of love is wonderful and nurturing but it might cause water logging as you have overwatered them. Some plants may take kindly to plentiful watering, so pick those instead!

Pistachio Tip: One way to check if you need to water your plants is to feel the soil for its dampness. If it’s dry, give them a little sprinkle of water. As the weather fluctuates, you have to observe and see when you should water and how much water. You could err on the side of caution and add more water.

As we re-pot our plants to their new homes, the type of soil we place them in matters. Poor drainage might lead to root rot. When in doubt, speak to the nursery that you are buying from and they will be able to get you the right soil type as well as watering advice for the plants you buy!

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Other factors that you need to consider would be the amount of wind and sun exposure that your plants would be getting.

If you live in higher floors, you would need to adjust your watering schedules. Even though Singapore is very humid, water may evaporate more quickly. Perhaps you will need to adjust the frequency of watering by monitoring the dampness of soil and amount of sun exposure your garden gets.

You may also need to invest in heavier pots, depending on how windy your home is. Heavier pots act as anchors so that they would not tip over.

If you are wondering what kind of plants you could get, here are some suggestions. The Pistachio Team loves these indoor plants that don’t require lots of direct sunlight:

  • Snake plant / Mother in laws tongue

  • ZZ plant

  • Devils Ivy

  • Swiss Cheese plant

  • Rubber plant

  • Bamboo plant

  • Peace lily

Curating a little outdoor garden? These are our top favourites if you have a balcony that is partly shaded or receives direct sunlight for a few hours a day:

  • Birds of paradise

  • Birds nest fern

  • Areca palm

  • Jade plant

  • Boston plant

With these tips in mind, be confident in your green fingers! Tag us on IG (@sustainablypistachio) and show us how your plants are thriving!

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