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Supporting Local Produce / Local Farmers

Local farming in Singapore sounds like a novelty, but there are many farms mushrooming all over our island. Despite space being a luxury in the little red dot, our local farming industry has made impressive progress to employ sustainable practices. The result? Efficient use of space and high quality produce!

Given that external factors such as climate change and potential disruption in supply chains pose a threat to our food security, we should support our homegrown agricultural businesses to become more self-sufficient. Not to mention, the food produced will be a product of lower carbon footprint, which holds higher nutritional value too!

100% Organic & Pesticide Free

Kin Yan Farm creates their own organic compost from the biological waste produced on their farm. Producing mushrooms, leafy greens, wheatgrass and aloe vera and even edible cactus, Kin Yan is the largest commercial organic farm in Singapore. Most of the manufacturing and packaging are done locally to minimize carbon footprint.

You can buy an assortment of mushrooms from major supermarkets like RedMart.

Gone Fishing in Tuas?

Tapping on advanced technology such as nano-oxygen processes, Blue Ocean Aquaculture Technology (BOAT) has created a factory-based indoor farming system. The key to great taste and health in fish is providing pristine waters while they grow. Using nanobubble technology, an oxygen-rich environment both enriches the water and kills bacteria in the process.

Apart from being space-efficient, indoor farming protects the produce from environmental hazards such as water pollution and plankton bloom.Supplying up to 18 tonnes of jade perch and red tilapia to some of our well-loved F&B groups like Tunglok and Paradise, it’s so heartening that there is a strong demand for top quality local seafood!

Eggcellent Delivery | From Farm to Table within a Day

625,000 eggs a day. That’s the staggering number of eggs produced by one of Singapore’s largest egg farm, Seng Choon. Occupying the space of 27 football fields, Seng Choon is committed to freshness. Housed in clean and safe conditions, their hens are nursed with care and superior food from the day they are born. Deploying the latest farm management practices, contamination and the spread of diseases are minimized with fully automated feeding, drinking, egg collection and manure removal systems. With the closed house systems, every step has been taken to ensure the freshness, safety and quality of the eggs!

As soon as these eggs are laid, they are graded and sized by weight. Delivered by their own delivery team, Singaporean residents get to enjoy farm-fresh eggs everyday, literally from farm to table!

You can buy Seng Choon from all major supermarkets.

Play your part to support locally farmed produce! The next time you’re browsing the supermarket aisles, spot the SG Fresh Produce badges on the packaging.

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