Supporting Local Produce / Local Farmers

Local farming in Singapore sounds like a novelty, but there are many farms mushrooming all over our island. Despite space being a luxury in the little red dot, our local farming industry has made impressive progress to employ sustainable practices. The result? Efficient use of space and high quality produce!

Given that external factors such as climate change and potential disruption in supply chains pose a threat to our food security, we should support our homegrown agricultural businesses to become more self-sufficient. Not to mention, the food produced will be a product of lower carbon footprint, which holds higher nutritional value too!

100% Organic & Pesticide Free

Kin Yan Farm creates their own organic compost from the biological waste produced on their farm. Producing mushrooms, leafy greens, wheatgrass and aloe vera and even edible cactus, Kin Yan is the largest commercial organic farm in Singapore. Most of the manufacturing and packaging are done locally to minimize carbon footprint.

You can buy an assortment of