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Is Centralised Cooling Really More Sustainable?

Updated: May 10, 2022

What is Centralised Cooling?

Convenient and more economical, centralised cooling systems are now touted to be the poster child of sustainable and eco-smart solutions in Singapore. In our humid and warm climate, air-conditioning is deemed as a necessity by many, so it is prudent that we advocate towards sustainable technologies without compromising our quality of living!

Why is it so efficient?

1. Super Intelligent Smart Features

Pre-cool your home on warm and humid days, so that you are welcomed to a comfortably cool environment! You can remotely turn it on or off with the smart remote controller. Even if you forget to turn it off, you can switch it at the touch of the button!

Meter reading is automatic and you will receive a detailed breakdown of your aircon usage. This helps you to monitor and become more mindful of your use!

2. Eliminate Inefficiency in Airflow

Conventional spilt condenser units are usually installed on the service yard with little space between the back of the wall. This results in limited airflow and more heat being produced. With multiple aircon units stacked in the same row, condenser units have to work harder to produce cool air as hot air would rise.

3. Heat removed by chilled water

Using chilled water generated from highly energy efficient plants, the centralised cooling system produces cool air for homes. Supplied by a chiller plant on top of residential rooftops, there is no longer a need for a condenser! This means that less maintenance on the homeowner’s part.

If you live in a residential development in Tengah, we would love to have more insights on your experience living in an eco-smart town! Connect with us at @_________sustainablypistacho so that we can exchange ideas!

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