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Lyn Sia Rosmarin’s Practical Tips on Living Sustainably

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Our founder, Lyn Sia Rosmarin, believes that the best way to convince people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle is to being able to relate. While we cannot dictate that people follow sustainable practices to the T, every little effort counts!

Here are some of her tips that the Pistachio Team finds super effortless to do:

  • Curate green and fun activities: Having family/children do beach clean-ups with her

“When our family come together to collect waste by the beach, we realise that there is so much waste we have created. From here, we create a teachable moment with our kids so that they understand the importance of reducing waste and disposing it responsibly.” - Lyn

  • Recycling Nespresso pods

“My husband and I are huge coffee drinkers. Before the morning school runs, we need our cup of joe to kickstart our day. The price of convenience is often at the expense of our planet; instead of tossing these aluminium pods into the bins, return them to the Nespresso delivery team! They do have a fairly long shelf life until your next coffee subscription is delivered.” - Lyn

  • Bringing reusable drinkware (i.e. coffee cups)

“Apart from minimising disposable drinkware, the bonus of using your own cup: your drink does stay hot for longer and you can keep track of your water & beverage/calorie intake! Stay lean in more than a way. This is definitely a game changer for us, especially now that we are mindful of our metabolic rates.” - Lyn

  • Being conscious consumers of where things come from

“Being so active in producing swimwear, I personally witness a lot of unnecessary waste produced in manufacturing apparel. We can have lovely beautiful things, but we should also be aware of how it has been made. Apart from dollars and cents, what is the actual cost of your retail therapy?” - Lyn

Whenever we read or share really useful tips, we feel so inspired to create good habits in a fuss-free way. Connect with us at @____ to share your tips. Our Team loves receiving Instagram DMs or Stories from our Pistachio community!

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