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Pistachio Reviews - 3 Best Everyday Items / Green gadgets

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

We love reviewing items that help reduce our carbon footprint, especially green tech gadgets. Here are some of our monthly favourites:

Dyson Desk Lamp

Apart from its sleek design, it has an auto on/off function, thanks to its motion sensor, minimising wasted energy if you accidentally leave your light on.

Its ‘Heat Pipe Technology’ keeps their super-bright LED bulbs safe for up to 60 years for use. In addition, it has been awarded the Energy Star certification.

LARQ Bottle

With a built-in UV light, it sanitises the inner surfaces safely, providing a refreshing taste to your water. This eliminates the need to discard lukewarm water or having to use ice cubes. You could even set the cleaning mechanism to be activated every 2 hours so that your water will not taste musty.

Anker Solar powered bank

We love how resilient its design is, due to its high-durability PET plastic material. The four solar panels provide 3 amps of charge, on the condition that you have direct access to sunlight. Say goodbye to wall outlets to charge your phone! While it is not the fastest charging device and will require strong sunlight to power, it is a small price to pay for clean solar energy on the go.

If you have tried these products, we would love to hear from you. Comment below or tag us on Instagram with your thoughts

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