Preferred Eco-friendly Building Materials

When it comes to our daily living and business decisions, environmental impact is a broad topic that we are paying attention to. With declining fossil fuels and the threat of global climate change, reducing our energy consumption is an essential survival strategy. Choosing to build green saves energy. The low embodied energy of green products ensures that very little energy goes into the manufacture and production, with a direct reduction in carbon emissions.

Environmentally friendly building materials are those that do not harm the environment during their manufacture, usage, or disposal, and are easily recyclable. This design methodology is gaining popularity and can further reduce energy consumption by minimising energy inputs for heating, cooling and light and incorporating energy-efficient appliances. A green home emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves energy, resulting in cheaper energy expenses.

We can now look for products created from natural, renewable resources, as well as products with recycled content. Here's our guide on more preferred eco-friendly building materials: